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How To Regain Control Of Your Itchy Eyed Woes During the Allergy Season

The RAM Group paid a cool $ 17.4 million for The Village, Yeronga shopping centre, making it the group’s third high profile retail purchase after the NightOwl in North Lakes. With many in their twenties waiting for clubbing and music festival season, allergies caused by pollen during this time of the year can become a major setback. The following article highlights everything pollen related so that you can take necessary precautions by speaking with your local GP or Northlakes doctor and assessing your allergies at a clinic such as a Mango Hill general practice.

What You Need To Know About Pollen

Pollen is derived from the Greek roots meaning ‘fine flour’. Pollen grains are a natural part of plant biology. Their role is to fertilize the female flower to reproduce plant species, which may seem harmless to bees trying to produce honey. However, they are a cause of frustration, runny eyes and repertory discomfort to some humans.

Usually, pollen is spread by wind or birds and bees feeding on the plant or brushing past it. Some plants produce minimal pollen and are safe for your garden, however, plants such as grass and weed that rely on a breeze to reproduce are the culprits of seasonal allergies.

Medical practitioners, such as a Northlakes doctor, agree that manicured or improved pastures are dangerously more allergenic than native Aussie grass strains. Also, you need to be careful of exotic trees planted for their autumn colours as these are fairly more allergenic than native Aussie ones.

Causes Of Allergic Rhinitis

By making gp appointments at Mango Hill clinic or with your local clinic, they would be able to recognize your physical symptoms such as runny, itchy, congested nose, watery red eyes, and itchy throat, which are very common.

Also known worldwide as ‘hay fever’, allergic rhinitis is the scientific name for seasonal allergies. Derived from the itchy discomfort felt by hay pickers in the 1800s, allergic rhinitis is caused by your immune system’s response to inhaled pollen. This results in chronic inflammation of the eyes and restriction of nasal passages.

A Common Disease

Your local GP such as a Northlakes doctor, can tell you that one in five people in Australia and New Zealand suffer from allergic rhinitis. It is a doorway for other health deterrents like sinusitis, constant fatigue and lack of sleep. In children, severe allergic rhinitis affects their daily activities and the irritability impairs their learning at school. Adults with severe seasonal allergies have also complained that their allergies turn into asthma, causing an uncomfortable tightening of the chest and wheezing. More information brand name: Burleigh Heads

Diagnosis & Reducing Exposure

By booking an appointment with your family’s doctor at a Mango Hill general practice, your medical practitioner may ask you for your observations such as the timing and symptoms of your flared respiratory discomforts. If your allergies are already affecting your daily activities, you may be advised to stay indoors until midday, avoid heading out during thunderstorms or windy days, staying away from picnics and parks during allergy season, wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes and to hire someone instead of mowing your own lawn. You should also shower as soon as you get home and frequently rinse your eyes with water.


In case you choose not to brave allergy season by natural means, there are immunotherapy services available with the correct dosage initiated by specialists. You can search your allergy symptoms online and get mango hill medical doctors bookings through websites such as http://www.smartclinics.com.au/ to become more knowledgeable on preventative methods before the hay season starts.

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